Friday 27 December 2013

Stuff for sale

Hello folks.

Time has come to sell some music gear and various bits. If there's anything you fancy, get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, comments, or if you know me well enough already, by email or phone. I am open to haggling on all prices.

Rack-mounted Gear

  • Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp 
    • 1U
    • This is in good nick, missing a nut or two on the inputs but nothing else wrong wi' it 
    • These are currently going on eBay for £345-400
  • Rocktron Intellifex  
    • 1U
    • Silver-fronted model
    • Rocktron don't make this any more. I can't find any on eBay, and I can't remember how much I paid for it! I will have to do a bit of research on a price, but let me know if you're interested. 
    • Awesome delay, love it.
  • Marshall EL34 50/50 Dual Monobloc Amplifier. 
    • 3U
    • Here's a bit of a peach. This was previously owned and used by Dave Murray of Iron Maiden on a mid-00's tour. I can't prove this myself, but I'm sure one of my pals in the Maiden camp will vouch for it. 
    • It's been modified on one side by the Maiden techs. Swifty (Hi-on Maiden) played with it a bit and discovered that, while using one side on its own didn't quite sound like Davey, plugging both sides into a stereo cab and running them at the same time sounded exactly  like Dave Murray. 
    • New models are around a grand. I'm happy to let this go for £400.
  • 2 x Thon 3U double door rack cases
    • Good nick, bit of rust here and there
    • 4 locks (butterfly clips)
    • 40cm deep
    • Weight: 7kg
    • £50 each
Speaker Cabinet
  • Marshall 1960a 4x12" extension cabinet
    • Stereo switchable
    • Bit of a range on eBay, so I've plumped for £300
Other miscellaneous bumph I don't need any more
  • US to UK Step Down Transformers
    • 1x 100VA transformer - for any US device needing up to 100w - £15
    • 1x 500VA transformer - for any US device needing up to 500w - £50